Holiday Gift Wrapping
Holiday Gift Wrapping
Holiday Gift Wrapping
Lakebound Candle Co.

Holiday Gift Wrapping

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Our holiday gift wrapping includes a cotton muslin hand stamped bag filled with kraft krinkle paper and your products wrapped in paper with our signature Lakebound sticker and finished with a beautiful foiled stamped gift card. Simply add gift wrapping to your cart along with the products you wish to purchase. If you have special instructions on what you would like gift wrapped simply include them in the notes at check out! Please see below for combination ideas that we can fit into our bags. We can also include a notecard for no extra charge, just leave message you would like written on the card in the notes section at checkout.

Combination ideas that will fit nicely into our hand stamped bags:

• Standard Candle
• Standard Candle & Match Bottle
• 2 Standard Candles & Match Bottle
• Christmas Morning Candle
• Christmas Morning Candle & Match Bottle
• Christmas Morning Candle and Room & Linen Mist
• Standard Candle and Room & Linen Mist
• Standard Candle, Room Spray & Match Bottle
• Diffuser (sticks will come out of the top of the bag a bit, see photo)
• Standard Candle and Diffuser
• Diffuser and Room & Linen Mist

Keep Your Wick Trimmed: Trim wick to 1/4" before lighting. 

Melt Pool Importance: Be sure you allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar each time you burn your candle. If you don't you may experience tunneling. 

Safety First: Stop candle use when only 1/4" of wax remains. Keep away from children, pets, flammable objects and drafty areas. Do not leave candle unattended, seriously don't. 

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